First Child Syndrome interfers with scrapping – who woulda though?

Good morning all! I have been getting ready for Charlotte CKC. I am so excited and can not wait to get there and help Lauren with classes. I am sitting here surrounded by ribbon and buttons and can not for the life of me make a simple decision. Green, blue, pink, orange, red. I just want to make the right decisions. I’m pretty sure I am totally over analyzing this. LOL. But you know that is what I do best, second-guess myself and over analyze.
My mom says its called first-child syndrome. I’ve always had this as I am a first child and not only that I am super naive so I do not always trust my instincts in new situations. After I have been in a situation for a bit I overcome that but why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we beat ourselves up over not only decisions in life but something as simple as scrapbooking? Is this not a creative outlet that is suppose to just be that, an outlet?
So, I am attempting to no longer second-guess myself. If the samples are not what was expected I will not beat myself up but will instead hold my head high and try again. At least that gives me more of a reason to stay holed up in my scrap room.
Until next time I will be in my little room making samples that will hopefully change my life!

Happy Scrappy,


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