Samples! Samples! Everywhere Samples!

The clock is ticking. Do you hear it? It is telling me that soon (less than 2 weeks) I will be teaching my first classes by myself at a Great American Scrapbook. I am so excited I can’t stand still. I want everything to go perfectly and am trying to remember everything I need to do so that things run smoothly.
Part of that is samples. I love making samples because these samples are using chipboard! CHIPBOARD!!! I love chipboard. LOVE IT! I love that is gives me a 3 demension aspect to my work. I love that it is so darn forgiving. I loove it! Right now I am covering chipboard in tissue paper. Gorgeous aqua-colored tissue paper.
I’m encouraging you today to find something new, intersting and use it to cover some chipboard!!!! Come on you can do it!

Happy Scrappy,