Buttons Galore!


Anyone that knows me, knows I love buttons.  Any buttons, just send them my way!  I love the shapes, sizes, funky company names on them.  I just love buttons.  At PaperMoon (my LSS) on Saturday someone was commenting on all my buttons saying she wanted some.  So, here ya go!  Comment on my blog and I will use a random number picker to give away some buttons!  So go ahead and show me some love!  I’ll generate a number on Friday night so you have 5 days! 

And while you’re here, link me to your blog and save me to your favorites so you can visit often!

Happy Scrappy,


16 Responses

  1. Don’t send me any buttons, but girl…that is a LOT of buttons! I can’t really talk though because I probably have half that many..LOL!

  2. Lols, same here, I have about half that and you don’t need to send me any. Emma just kept on saying “buttons! buttons!” when she saw your pictures. :o)

  3. That is a lot of buttons!!! I hardly have any buttons, but I love them. You have some beautiful colors there!

  4. I dont need buttons, but I had to comment on how many buttons you had. My jaw dropped open! Wowza! They look so cute in those jars too!

  5. Thank you guys! I love my buttons too!

  6. I agree! Those buttons are so cute! I need some cute button organization!

  7. Buttons? Buttons!!!!! What can I say, I love ’em! A person can never have too many!

  8. You store your buttons like I store mine! LOL! LOVE THEM . . . off to link you on my blog!

  9. I saw the link on Shanna’s blog and since I have been awake since 5:15 with my daughter…I decided to check out your buttons. I tend to use mine up too quick and then I don’t have any “pretty colors” like you do!

  10. Mandie, Shanna told me about your buttons, too, and wow, they are so pretty! I don’t have many but I have experimented with them while scrapping… your colorful photos have inspired me so thank you!!! 🙂

  11. Your buttons look so pretty in the glass jars! I love them too, and remember always going through my mom’s jars of buttons in her little sewing cabinet when I was little.

  12. I am drooling over all those buttons! They are just so pretty in those cute jars!

  13. I had to come check out the famous BUTTONS! Beautiful!

  14. Oohhh, me me. I love button! Mine aren’t cute as yours in those cute jars!

  15. WOWZA on the buttons!! I agree, they look fabulous in those jars!!
    Great Blog by the way, I luv checking out the stuff your creating. You spend a lot of time on detail and it’s GREAT!!

  16. […] buttons.   anyone that knows me should know my love of all things […]

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