Friends and Brag Books!

First I need to gush! I have great friends. For those that don’t know I recently went through a very rough patch with an old friend. But through it all I believe I came out with the cream of the crop! I have had so many of my friends stick close to me during that time and out of a nasty situation I found a new friend. Deann is great! I don’t know why we weren’t close before but through the grace of God we found each other. Well we tell each other pretty much everything, except I forgot to tell her when it was my birthday. So, she was forced to read it here.
Well, yesterday I go to the mailbox and what do I find? A package from A cherry on top! She sent me the bestestest belated birthday gift: scrappy stuff!!!!

Thank you girl!!! And to all my other friends: you rock too!!!!!


A now a brag book! I am making these for my SIL, MIL and my mom!
All I did was use WM brand badge holders and tada!!!! Aren’t they too cute!

one of the inside pages:

Happy Scrappy,


2 Responses

  1. You’re welcome, girl!! I’m so glad you like it all!!!

    I love the brag books! Those will be perfect to carry in their purses since they are in the plastic covers….LOVE it!! I think I’m definitely going to make some of those!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Nice loot!!
    Great book!!

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