“OH my goodness, its STILL sticky!!!”

This is a long story so “bear” with me!  I have a wonderful back door neighbor Hannah!  Hi Hannah!!!!  Well, Hannah asked me to make her work Secret Sister’s gift.  All she requested was it be bear themed as her Secret Sister loved Boyd’s Bears.

So given that much freedom and a whole 5 weeks to get it done I wait until 3 days before she needs the gift to remember to do it!  So at three days before she needs the gift I decide to get started.  Decide to do a tin purse and include some homemade cards inside.  I decided that was enough working on it for that day so I would begin actually working on the item the next day.  Besides, that would still give me TWO whole days before she needs it, right?

So next day.  I pick out the paper I want, decide I’m going to put a tear bear on it (how hard can they be to make) and call it a day!  You know decision making is hard work!  LOL!!

One day til D-Day and I cover the tin with paper, used the Recycled Stack from J’s that my good friend Katie bought for me!!!!  Now its time to make the bear.  So my very good friend Deann sent me a pattern and some paper a while back. I thought how hard can it be. Well, it is!!! I have a new found respect for all makers of tear bears. And I promise at some point in time when I have more than 5 hours (yes I was down to 5 hours until bed time) to make one, I will learn! But I ruined EVERY sheet she sent me. All the bears looked like they were born with crushed skulls, or lopsided ears. I just couldn’t get it right. Then it hit me. An old friend sent me some stuff she didn’t want, including a tear bear. I had started to throw this out on more than one occasion because it was attached to a title I didn’t need. But Praise God I found it, tore the title apart and attached the bear! Crisis over. Right? NOT!!!!!
(I told you this was long!)
So then before I can do anything else I must seal it. Now I must say I do not like Modge Podge. It has its place, but I do not use it unless I have to use it. I seal all my items with spray acrylic sealer. Works great! No streaks! Dries beautifully and isn’t tacky like MP has a tendency to be! So I go outside (3 hours left now) and spray that baby down like there is no tomorrow! Wait 20 minutes, go back outside and spray her down again!

An hour later I go outside and the thing is sticky! Maybe I sprayed it too much? Hmmmm. Call my neighbor, and tell her I’ll meet her at the fence after church. Ok, just bought myself 3 more hours. Wait an hour, go back outside. Still sticky!! Then I feel the blood drain from my head. No, no way. Really? Surely I didn’t. No, I’m smarter than that. Run in the house, grab the can, READ the label. Yep, I did. I grabbed Krylon Repositionable Adhesive Spray instead of the Acrylic Sealer. So there is my beautiful tin purse, covered in glue! I don’t have another tin, I have 2 hours now until Hannah gets home from church! So I call Lauren! Lauren collect adhesive like I collect buttons. Enough said. LOL. So I call Lauren and she says I “might” can spray it now with the acrylic sealer. So I try. Nope. Still sticky! Next I try the MP. Yep, I should have stinking used MP to begin with. Cause MP saved the day! Can you believe it.

I got the ribbons on the handle, the cards on the inside and 7 minutes later Hannah came home from church. We needless to say never made it there!

So here is the project in all its glory! With 2 types of spray and MP!!! and its matching card!

My Beary Sentiments

Happy Scrappy,


3 Responses

  1. LOL! OMG that’s hilarious!!! Totally sounds like something I would do! I need to make you a how-to video on the tear bears..LOL! I promise you’ll get addicted to making them once you learn the tricks of the trade!

    Love the tin and that card!

  2. Mandie, that is too funny! The tin is beautiful. Glad all your hard work wasn’t ruined by the adhesive.

  3. LOVE it! What a great story too! 😛

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