Blog Awards,the best online buddies ever and you know your a scrapper when. . .!

Yep, I have both! 

First, Jen gave me a great blog award. Don’t you just love these? They’re like little bits of non-calorie goodness. LOL

Now to pass it on:
Back to Jen
What’s Cooking?

I also want to thank everyone for the amazing support I have been recieving! I never expected in the influx of well wishes, love, and moral-boosting wishes I have recieved. I only hope I can do as well as all of you think I will be doing. LOL!

So now onto the funny story. Faith and Drew are in Vacation Bible School at an area church. By this time of the year they are both seasoned VBSers and love going. Last night they came home with their nightly art project: a firefly. Faith tells me, looking as proud as possible,
F: “Mommy, the eyes are attached with glue dots.”
me: “oh yeah”
F: “Yep, I told them I didn’t need help because I scrapbook with my mommy and I know not to touch the dot but to place your wiggly eye to the dot and pull away so no skin oil gets on it.”
(me looking proud now) “Oh yeah, and what else did you say?”
F: “Well, they are almost out and I told them they could buy more at Michael’s but to wait for the 40% off coupon.”

By this point I am rolling on the floor! My daughter, gotta love her!!!

Happy Scrappy,


We have our official start time!!!!

We will officially start the Amazing Race of Rusty Pickle on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 12 noon MST!  They will allow us to post all the hints, our work, our frustrations and joys on our own blogs so look for the details starting Wed.!

Happy Scrappy,

Rusty Pickle Santa has provided!!!!

OK, so lots of people are asking what exactly 15 lbs. of Rusty Pickle looks like. First of all on top was a HUGE bag of buttons. RP had my heart there!  Excuse the horrible no makeup/hair not fixed but a girls buttons can’t wait!  LOL!
Yay Buttons 2

So here it is:
Game Time:
Game Time
includes: 11 sheets of patterned paper, 2 sheets cardstock stickers, 2 sheets cardstock alpha stickers, 2 sheets cardstock tags, 2 12×12 sheets arrow chipboard, 1 acrylic arrow

French Market:
French Market
includes: 1 accordian album, 1 pre-tabbed album, 1 pg. swirl rubons, 12 sheets patterned paper, 2 sheets cardstock sticks, 2 sheets cardstock alpha stickers, 2 sheets cardstock quote stickers, ribbon

Candy Land:
Candy Land
includes: 12 sheets patterned paper, 10 sheets cardstock alpha stickers, 2 cardstock tag sticker sheets, 2 cardstock coupon tag sheets, 1 cardstock sticker page, 1 sheet rubons

Under the Stars:
Under the Stars
includes: 10 sheets patterned paper, 2 sheets cardstock alpha stickers, 2 sheets stickers, 2 sheets cardstock tag sticker sheets

Chocolate Covered Cherries:
Chocolate Covered Cherries
includes: 1 package chipboard alphas, 1 12×12 page chipboard hearts, definition rubons, ribbon, 6 sheets cardstock alphas, 3 sheets sticks, 4 diecut patterned paper sheets, 12 sheets patterned paper

2 sheets 12×12 chipboard shapes, 2 mini file folders, 1 sheet rubon alphas, 4 sheets cardstock stickers, Jottin it Down Acrylic Stamps, ribbon, 12 sheets patterned paper, 2 black cardstock (inchies??)

2 sheets 12×12 chipboard shapes, ribbon, days of the week rubons, Popstar Rubons, 2 sheets alpha chipboard stickers, 2 sheets cardstock tags, 1 sheet stickers, 12 sheets patterned paper

Rockin America:
Rockin America
2 sheets 12×12 chipboard shapes, 6 sheets cardstock alpha stickers, 2 sheets cardstock stickers, 1 sheet cardstock tags, 4 sheets diecut metallic patterned paper, 12 sheets patterned paper

Pirate Princess:
Pirate Princess
2 sheets 12×12 chipboard shapes, 2 sheets cardstock coupon stickers, 2 sheets stickers, 2 sheets alpha cardstock stickers, 2 sheets cardstock tag stickers, 2 black mini file folders, 18 sheets patterned paper, ribbon

Then, they sent 3 albums:
Chipboard Albums
I can’t wait to get this race started!!!! Thank you Rusty Pickle for giving me this opportunity!

Happy Scrappy,

It’s here!!!!! Rusty Pickle delivered!

WhooHoo! 15 lbs. of Rusty Pickle was just delivered to my door! OH My! A HUGE bag of buttons, more paper than I know what to do with, stamps, rubons, HUGE sheets of chipboard. Oh my, I am ready to start today!!!!!! I”ll upload photos later!

Happy Scrappy,

Patience is a virtue. . .right?

Well, my box still isn’t here.  😦  I know, sad isn’t it.  But I promise as soon as it does get here, I will post pics!  What I did get was an email from the lovely Tracey Locher that the boxes didn’t go out when expected as Rusty Pickle was waiting on a line to become avalible. I’m hoping its the new Rockin America line! But anyhoo. Boxes went out today on UPS! So no more stalking the Post Office Man, now onto the UPS man! Mwaaaahhhaaahha!

Since boxes didn’t go out until today, the new start date is Wed., June 24th. I had not been scrapping so as to not dirty my room but now it looks like I have an extra week I will put some of this mojo to good use!!!

Happy Scrappy,

My boxes are here!!!. . . Not!

Part of the amazing part of the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race is they send each participant boxes of the same materials. I am so stocked about these boxes! I have seen the boxes sent out two years ago and lets just say they are AMAZING! So I have been (im)patiently waiting. Yesterday I went to see my sister in law and came home to two boxes sitting on my front porch. So do I patiently get the kids and their stuff out of the Durango and gently walk to the porch? Nope? Y’all I take off running. Full speed! Like the house is on fire. I pick up the box and its heavy! Yay!!! Look at the label and it says Cabela! Cabela? Why would Rusty Pickle send me product in a Cabela box? Because they didn’t! Nope, my lovely husband ordered some pants! GRRRRR!!!! So I am back to (im)patiently waiting for Rusty Pickle boxes to begin my amazing race!!!

While I am waiting I have enough mojo to service half the TRI-STATE AREA MWAAAHHHH (Phineas & Ferb reference!). So, Donna Downey had this awesome idea in her book: Photo Decor. It was very simple and extremly inexpensive. I bought one roll of 9 ft. gross grain ribbon, a package of curtain clips, some rubons and tada!

Window Frame

Window Frames

Happy Srappy,

Going Crazy

with anticipation!  Seriously, I am so excited about Rusty Pickle’s Amazing Race! YAY! But I going stir crazy waiting on “the” box and instructions! I am so ready for this!

Happy Scrappy,