My boxes are here!!!. . . Not!

Part of the amazing part of the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race is they send each participant boxes of the same materials. I am so stocked about these boxes! I have seen the boxes sent out two years ago and lets just say they are AMAZING! So I have been (im)patiently waiting. Yesterday I went to see my sister in law and came home to two boxes sitting on my front porch. So do I patiently get the kids and their stuff out of the Durango and gently walk to the porch? Nope? Y’all I take off running. Full speed! Like the house is on fire. I pick up the box and its heavy! Yay!!! Look at the label and it says Cabela! Cabela? Why would Rusty Pickle send me product in a Cabela box? Because they didn’t! Nope, my lovely husband ordered some pants! GRRRRR!!!! So I am back to (im)patiently waiting for Rusty Pickle boxes to begin my amazing race!!!

While I am waiting I have enough mojo to service half the TRI-STATE AREA MWAAAHHHH (Phineas & Ferb reference!). So, Donna Downey had this awesome idea in her book: Photo Decor. It was very simple and extremly inexpensive. I bought one roll of 9 ft. gross grain ribbon, a package of curtain clips, some rubons and tada!

Window Frame

Window Frames

Happy Srappy,


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  1. too funny about the boxes…and you know… if we haven’t gotton them then the overseas people haven’t either. i stopped by the rp book at ckc…i’m super excited!

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