Blog Awards,the best online buddies ever and you know your a scrapper when. . .!

Yep, I have both! 

First, Jen gave me a great blog award. Don’t you just love these? They’re like little bits of non-calorie goodness. LOL

Now to pass it on:
Back to Jen
What’s Cooking?

I also want to thank everyone for the amazing support I have been recieving! I never expected in the influx of well wishes, love, and moral-boosting wishes I have recieved. I only hope I can do as well as all of you think I will be doing. LOL!

So now onto the funny story. Faith and Drew are in Vacation Bible School at an area church. By this time of the year they are both seasoned VBSers and love going. Last night they came home with their nightly art project: a firefly. Faith tells me, looking as proud as possible,
F: “Mommy, the eyes are attached with glue dots.”
me: “oh yeah”
F: “Yep, I told them I didn’t need help because I scrapbook with my mommy and I know not to touch the dot but to place your wiggly eye to the dot and pull away so no skin oil gets on it.”
(me looking proud now) “Oh yeah, and what else did you say?”
F: “Well, they are almost out and I told them they could buy more at Michael’s but to wait for the 40% off coupon.”

By this point I am rolling on the floor! My daughter, gotta love her!!!

Happy Scrappy,


2 Responses

  1. That is hilarious! Way to go Faith – make mommy proud!

  2. Too funny! Just think of all the things she says that you don’t know about ! 🙂

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