Rusty Pickle Rocks!

Ok so I was devastated when the original list was announced.  I did not make the Rusty Pickle DT!  However, they gave us a backdoor onto the team.  We had six weeks to get 3 things published.  So I cried, ok, I cried a lot, but then I pulled up my big girl panties and started applying.  I sent in submissions to 8 different places.  The first place emailed me back almost immediately with a yes.  She would print all 5 designs I submitted!  Yay!!!!!  So in less than 6 hours I had 5 submissions!  I made the team!  YAY!!!!! I’ll give updates later as to where to find my submissions!

Thank you all for ALL the AMAZING support during this time!!!!!  LOOOVE YA!!!!

Happy Scrappy,


3 Responses

  1. Yay! So gald you were able to join our team. =)

  2. congrats! I met you at the expo (when we were eating pizza on thurs) and wanted to check on how you did! Who was the lady sitting next to you – altered something? Your scrapbooking style is amazing! Good luck with everything!!

  3. I’m SOOOOO happy for you, Mandie!!!! You totally and completely deserve it!!!!!! I can’t wait until you get to start!!

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