EEEEK!! I’m so excited!

Wow, this has been a whirl wind!  First I didn’t make the Rusty Pickle team.  Then I did.  Then since I am so close to Orlando, they asked if I could go to CHA.  Then Tasha asked me if I could help them with a new line.  It seems they were running a bit behind.  So in less than a week on being on the Rusty Pickle design team I have jumped in with both feet!  But I looove it!  LOL!

The paper line is very French Bistro.  Think Red, Black, Yellow & Cream.  I loove it!  I’ll keep you posted for when it is coming out. Not sure yet, but sometime this fall.

I am so excited to be able to go to CHA.  I can’t wait to meet the crew coming!  We’re going to have a blast!

Don’t forget the blog candy is still going on until Friday! 





And Rusty Pickle is having a warehouse sale! Check out their website for some awesome deals!!!

Happy Scrappy,


5 Responses

  1. A warehouse sale?! And just down the street from my work?! Awesome! Now I’ll just have to convince the hubby that I need more stuff and find some time to actually use it!

  2. Go mandie, feeling all that Pickle love. Cant wait to see the new line

  3. Hi Mandie, See those aweful sites didn’t know what they were talking about ! See how our GOD answers prayers ( BIG) He never does anything small when it comes to his children. and he gave you the talent to boot. You are awesome !!!!!!!!!

  4. Rae tell your hubby you have to go get stuff for me! I’m so mad because I’m going south just two days before the sale!

    Congrats on all your adventures Mandie!

  5. Yay Mandie – I am going out of town the weekend of CHA now. Bummer b/c I really wanted to goto the consumer part at least…..

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