Preserving Memories

Isn’t this what we do in this industry? Isn’t that why we scrapbook? To preserve memories. Recently some very ugly things were said about me. Someone on an awful site said I plagiarized. Show me. I do LO’s from sketches some and some on my own. I do not lift for this very reason! This same person said that I hate my dear friend, Lauren. This person said I was a back biting person. I was called some very, ugly words. Worst of all to me, was that this person said my Christianity is thrown in their face and I am not a real Christian. I can promise you above all else I am a Christian. I love my Lord and I love my family. I scrapbook to preserve the memories of my family.

Yes, I was very upset when I didn’t make the RP design team. Who wouldn’t be upset when a goal they working towards fails? I was.
Who doesn’t ask their friends’ opinions on work? Who doesn’t ask for input? I do. I believe the best creativity is in a group setting. I try very hard to remember to thank everyone whose opinion I ask. I do not see a problem with this.

Yes, a year ago I had an issue with RP. Yes, it was resolved. Who hasn’t had a problem with their boss at some point?

Do you the person who spoke so badly about me have a perfect life? Do you never ask an opinion? Do you never get upset? If you are so upset with me, please contact me. Please let me make right whatever wrong you feel I have done. Please be a big enough person to stand up and at least post with your NAME instead of anonymously!

You claim to be on the board I am on and am tired of hearing about my antics. Well, I consider the board my friends. Do you not share your sorrows and joys with your friends? Do you not ask your friends their opinion?

And YES, my kid eats his snack in the dryer some times. He loves it. Its his space ship, his car, his airplane. I’m very proud my child has an imagination! And I’m always right there by him.

To everyone else who supports me, thank you! You ROCK!

And that is all I’m saying about that publicly.

Happy Scrappy,


4 Responses

  1. Mandie- You rock!!! Don’t let certain people get you down. You are better than that and you know it. Good Luck with all your scrappy work….it is great!

  2. Amanda….I have to say that I am so excited for you and all you have accomplished. I think you are a one of the kindest, most honest people I know. You keep being you and don’t ever change!! I agree with Sarah…YOU ROCK!! I love you girl!!

  3. Girl – Please don’t let this get you down! You have been a great friend for me when I’ve gone through some very difficult times. I’m sorry that this person is doing these things to you. You know who you are–don’t forget that!! Love ya!!

  4. hey-remember this is YOUR blog, you can put on it whatever you want…and as far as plagairizing, put a room full of women together scrapping and while our layouts may be different, there would be similar aspects in many….one person’s opinion don’t make it law!!! I always say that my work on my blog is open to whoever wants it….no worries yes?? I went through some bad bloggers giving their opinion when I first started blogging and after I retorted with my opinion (in a nice way), they just never came back to my blog…didn’t need their awful negative nelly commetns anyway! My blog is about me, for me and BY should feel the same. Stay cool!

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