My babies are growing up!

Well they are.  And I’m not happy about it!  LOL.  First Drew turned 3.  I can’t believe it.  I’m not sure how we’ve survived Hurricane Drew for 3 years.  But we have.  He is such a light in our lives.  He is such a boy!  OMGoodness how he loves anything to do with dirt, tractors, cars and going fast!  We are soo in trouble when he turns 16! We had a party but this is on his actual birthday with one of his favorite meals!

Drew 3

Then Faith started school! Man that was a hard day! I was good until about 11:30 then I was ready for her to come home!!!! Part of her supply list was a crayon box and single subject notebook. Well of course we had to glam it up! I’m not entirely happy with the way she did her name on the front of her book, but I let her place the gems and letters so I couldn’t change it!


first day of school

notebook and pencil case

Thanks for listening to me droon on about my children!

Happy Scrappy,


One Response

  1. How did you glue the letter to the plastic? I have been having a really hard time. BTW…love you blog….thanks for the great ideas.

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