Where has the month gone???? A Challenge just for you!!

I swonder! I told myself that I was going to do better this month with my blog. But. . . .ya know. But I have a little bug to put in your ear and a reminder.

First, the reminder:
Do you want to win some Thriller? Come on you know you do!!!! Check on this contest I’m hosting over at ACOT:

Second, how would you like to be inspired everyday for a month? Maybe the month of November? A friend and I did a Layout of the Day challenge last year on another blog and loved it. So she has conspired with me to do one on my blog! Here is how it will work. Everyday starting November 1 I will post a challenge. I want you to upload it to your blog and then come here and leave a message in the comment section showing your layout. If you don’t have a blog just email me the layout. You will have 24 hours to do this!

Now, I know what you are thinking: “What this is a holiday month!!! Have you lost your mind?!” but I am going to give you 2 get our jail free cards so to speak. And I think this will give us all a little reprieve from the holiday hustle and bustle. A little “me” time during this busy month.

At the end of the month if you completed all the task I will put your name in a random generator and you will receive a BIG prize. (There will probably be some Rusty Pickle in there too!) Remember now the more people participate, the bigger the prize! So tell your family, friends and general acquaintances.

Ok, so have I convinced you yet? Great! Email me: mandiedillard at yahoo dot com for full instructions!!!

Happy Scrappy,


One Response

  1. well I love the idea and I’ll try it but I already know I won’t get them all done. I’d even be happy with half!! Can’t wait to see them next month!

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