LOAD Day 1

I have been running a LOAD Challenge through Flikr and our group would like to keep going but with this month being so hectic we decided to do it this way on my blog so everyone could join in!  So this is how it works.  Send me an email at scrapload at rocketmail dot com and let me know ” I want to join”.  Then everyday check back on my blog to see today’s prompt!  It’s that simple.  If you would like to join our flikr group and post daily to see everyone else’s work too let me know in the email!  It’s that simple!

We will take off the 24th and 25th and you also will have 2 freebie days!  So, let’s get started!!!

So today is Day 1 and is National Eat a Red Apple Day!  So I encourage you to first, eat a red apple with your children and also, use lots of RED!  The more red you use the better!!!

Happy Scrappy,


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