Scrap LOAD Day 1

Hi and welcome to the Scrap LOAD!  I am having email difficulties so today is going to be a freebie day!  If you weren’t sure if you wanted to join, then you can get a look at how this works.  And if you did join then I hope you find your way to my blog today and see that my email isn’t working right! 😦

Today is New Year’s Day so I challenge you to pull out a new product.  Did you get some new goodies for Christmas?  Is there a product you saw and Had to have?  Use it today!  Today is a new beginning so let’s use a new product!

As for uploading, please got to and become a member if you are not one already.  For now upload to your own page and later I will send the link for you to become a member of the ScrapLoad group.  Please send me an email to the link to your layout.

Are you confused yet?  LOL.  Crazy email.  Thanks for bearing with me until I get this figured out.  I’ll be in touch with you all soon.  And if you were on the fence about joining and have now decided to join, please let me know!  THanks!

Here is a link to the blog entry with all the specific details!

Happy Scrappy,


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