A bit of Valentine’s Day

I love to decorate for holidays.  Like seriously.  But usually I refrain it to my entry way table only. 😦  Last year after Valentine’s Day I saw on someone’s blog or in a magazine (sorry for not remembering) a Vday tree.  I couldn’t wait to make one.  So today is the day.  Seriously guys this took like 30 minutes and 15 of those minutes was walking across the street looking for the perfect limbs on the neighbors trees.  I still don’t have trees thanks to Scott but that’s another rant!  LOL! 

I used a vase from my cousin-in-law’s wedding.  Thanks Amber! 
Limbs from my neighbor’s yard
Paint from Scott’s left over paints
Some red C’mas balls I held out just for this project
Conversation hearts left over from last year
and some red hearts I picked up at M’s in the $1 section.
Total cost for me: $1!  Isn’t that fab! 

But now that I look at it more, I may pick up some more ornaments at Michael’s tomorrow!  And I definetly need more conversation hearts!
We shall see!  But here ya go!



Happy Scrappy,


5 Responses

  1. That turned out really cute.

  2. Soooo adorable!!!

  3. Super cute!!

  4. But what to you do when your husband eats all the candy lol. I have decorate I do similar to this and he ate the candy and replaced with peanuts! Not quite as cute.

    The tree is super cute though!

  5. Cute! I’m sorta surprised there aren’t buttons on the tree…And with the weather you’re getting—snowflakes!!!

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