A new door. . .

As they say, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

I have not announced it on my blog yet because I am so sad, but Rusty Pickle is closing.  I am sad that I was only able to be with them for six short months and even more sad because I love their paper.  They are looking into taking some of their designs digital so I will keep you updated on that!

But my other door opened!  I met Christie on the convention circuit about 2 years ago.  She has fabulous tshirts

and hats I can’t resist!!! (I couldn’t find a photo of my favorite!)

So back to the story, I met Christie, loved her stuff, then she starts a kit club.  Now about this time not only does she start a kit club but she expands from scrapbook appearal to scrapabook goodies!  Yep!  Goodies!!!!  Chick n’ Feed (buttons Yay!), Chick n’ Feathers (flowers) and Chick n’ Noodles (ribbon) are three of the new items Two Chicks Designs now offers.

What choice do I have?  I must apply!  I love all her stuff!

So I am honored to say I was accepted and am now on the Two Chicks Design Team!  YAY!!!! So look for some fabulous new layouts featuring all her new fabulous stuff!!!

Happy Scrappy,


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