It’s a Beautiful Day!

Do you ever have one of those days where you think, “this is like every music video of the perfect day”?  I do.  LOL.  I love music video!  My favorite is Daniel Powters, “Bad Day“. My Faith can sing every word of that song and has been able to since she was a small child! The memory that girl possesses!

So back to current times. Drew and I drove my little sister Amiee and her family to the airport a couple of weeks ago. We spent the day in Tallahassee (which is 3 hours away) shopping and having a good time. About the time I am finding some fabulous sales at World’s Market he gets impatient and tells me “Momma, stop spending Daddy’s money!” Swear! It was too funny! So I promise him a McDonald’s ice cream cone if he is patient. So he sits back without a further word! Ice cream is a rare commodity at our house!

Jump ahead an hour and we are driving down the interstate, listening to a cd my friend Kim gave me for my birthday. U2’s Beautiful Day came on! I am driving down the road, sun roof open, radio blaring, my kid covered in ice cream, dancing in his car seat, smiling for all the world to see. And I knew: It’s a beautiful day! One of those days you wish would never end!! Even now writing about it, I miss it! My beautiful day!

Happy Scrappy,


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