It’s Retreat Time!

Good morning.  I know.  I’m a bad blogger.  So much has happened since I last really blogged!  Not only have I been traveling a lot, but my baby turned 4! FOUR!  Scott says I can’t call him a baby anymore.  Boo!  But isn’t he precious!   Such a water baby!

Alright I’m done gushing!  On to the retreat!  The retreat date is set for Thursday, September 23-Sunday, September 26 in Temple, GA!  (located about 1 hour east from Atlanta!)

My retreats are all-inclusive! 
That means:
• 9 meals! Lunch and Dinner Thursday , Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Friday & Saturday and Brunch on Sunday.
• 3 nights of lodging! 2600 sq ft. split level home fully renovated for complete scrapbook fun. Every person gets their own bed!!!!
• Goodies Bag! More goodies than you could hope and chances to win lots more!
• Classes! I do not want to overwhelm you with lots of classes since we came to crop our pants off, so I’m only offering two classes, but they are great classes! These classes can be paid for when you pay the remainder of your trip.
• Non-stop cropping! You will get 4 feet of cropping space along with a black leather-rolling chair and Tag Along drink holder/trash bag.
• Games and Contests! Come prepared for bingo, scramble words and much more on Saturday night!!!!
• Chocolate, Candy & oh did I mention Chocolate?!! Unlimited chocolate and candy all weekend.

Does all of this sound fabulous?  I know, it does!!!  I am offering a discount if you pay your $50 deposit by August 8!  So that means if you pay by August 8th then you can come for $125!!!!!  After August 8th, the retreat is back up to $150!  There are only 14 spot available so you better hurry!  Now I’m sure you are asking yourself, How do I pay for this?  I’ve made it very simple!  There are paypal buttons up at the top, left of my blog!  I will send a confirmation once I receive the deposit or entire amount!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!!!


One Response

  1. I have a few questions…

    Do I have to arrive on Thursday? I have kids and I’m not sure how that would work with school, daycare, etc.

    Where are you located in Temple? I’m in Dallas and my sister has a Temple address where about are you at?

    What is the earliest time for the Thursday? I might be able to just come for the day.

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