Just wanted to say Hi!

So. . . .HI!!!!!

I have not been working on anything crafty. Well, I take that back. I participated in Ali Edward’s A Week in the Life. That was a blast. Not just for the preservation of my family’s week but also because I spent a week immersed in photography. I spent the week in full manual mode. I shoot a lot in manual but not ALL the time. It was a true learning experience. I redid some a maternity shoot for a friend. I had shot them about 4 months ago, and had did all the post-production work. But then I lost them. They were eaten by the laptop. Finally found the cd I backed them up onto, but of course it was just the raw images. So I fixed them all and send the cd along. I love photography. This is my favorite photo. It is a technique that at the time I had no idea how to reproduce. But thanks to a friend, now I do! Yay! Sunburst here I come!  So although this isn’t anywhere near perfect, I love it.

Today I am starting Mother’s Day Gifts and end of the year Teacher Gifts. For the both I am going to give y’all my first ever digital download! EEEK! So excited and nervous too! I really hope everyone likes it! Check back tomorrow and it should be live!

If you haven’t yet, check over at the Chick’N Coop blog for some great videos from this past weekend!

I’ve also been working on a few blogs!  Check out my friend Tessa’s blog!  I love the color combo she asked me to use!  While there, click over to her etsy site!  Her flowers rock!

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On the Air

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet! But the new fabulous design team I am on for Two Chicks is going LIVE tonight with a show on Ustream! Check out the wonderfully cute blog with all the details!


If you miss it, you can check it out on the blog tomorrow!

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Blog Candy from Two Chicks and Retreat!!!

Hello!  I still have a few retreat spots left (7 to be exact, seems Spring Break is that week in GA).  Look here for retreat info!  I would love to have you!!!

And last week I was proud to included as a new design team member for Two Chicks Designs.  The Chick-a-dee blog (dt) is up and going today and chief chick Christie is giving away prizes!  Check out the blog! And while there take a look around! There are some fabulous ideas and a place to sign up for the kit club right there on the blog!

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Rocking headbands!

My friend Kim and I were at a Scrapbook Expo in Kansas City when I met her friend Sandee and Sandee’s sister!  Sandee is fab!  Like picture the most stylish person you know and multiply by 5 oh and add about a gazillion laughs!  That is Sandee!  While there she was knitting these fabulous flowers.  Well she turned those fab flowers into even more fabulous headbands! I ordered a couple and now can’t wait to order more! I feel so cheeky when I’m wearing it!  So sassy!  Check out her site and tell her I sent ya!

The picture isn’t that great, but I have short arms!  LOL!

Happy Scrappy

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Do you ever have one of those days where you think, “this is like every music video of the perfect day”?  I do.  LOL.  I love music video!  My favorite is Daniel Powters, “Bad Day“. My Faith can sing every word of that song and has been able to since she was a small child! The memory that girl possesses!

So back to current times. Drew and I drove my little sister Amiee and her family to the airport a couple of weeks ago. We spent the day in Tallahassee (which is 3 hours away) shopping and having a good time. About the time I am finding some fabulous sales at World’s Market he gets impatient and tells me “Momma, stop spending Daddy’s money!” Swear! It was too funny! So I promise him a McDonald’s ice cream cone if he is patient. So he sits back without a further word! Ice cream is a rare commodity at our house!

Jump ahead an hour and we are driving down the interstate, listening to a cd my friend Kim gave me for my birthday. U2’s Beautiful Day came on! I am driving down the road, sun roof open, radio blaring, my kid covered in ice cream, dancing in his car seat, smiling for all the world to see. And I knew: It’s a beautiful day! One of those days you wish would never end!! Even now writing about it, I miss it! My beautiful day!

Happy Scrappy,


Alright everyone! I have six spots I really, really need to fill! It will be so much fun! There will be classes, fun games and all the cropping you can stand!!

(from a previous post: just a reminder!!)

Edit to Add: The original deposit due date was Feb. 1st but since that has past, the deposit will be due as soon as possible! THank you!!!

WOW! Can you believe it time already???? It’s Retreat Time!!! Wahoo!!! I went to the retreat house site and was like Oh NO! All the dates but one was taken in my time frame, so I grabbed it up! So, the Spring Retreat will be April 8-11, 2010! Are you excited? I am! All the details are below! It is based on a first come, first serve. So get signed up!!!
Croppin Time

April 8-11, 2010 • Temple, GA
Retreat includes:
• 9 meals! Lunch and Dinner Thursday , Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Friday & Saturday and Brunch on Sunday.
• 3 nights of lodging! 2600 sq ft. split level home fully renovated for complete scrapbook fun. Each room is themed
• Goodies Bag! More goodies than you could hope and chances to win lots more!
• Classes! I do not want to overwhelm you with lots of classes since we came to crop our pants off, so I’m only offering two classes, but they are great classes! These classes can be paid for when you pay the remainder of your trip. And I’m sure we’ll be using some Rusty Pickle goodies!!!
• Non-stop cropping! You will get 4 feet of cropping space along with a black leather-rolling chair and Tag Along drink holder/trash bag.
• Games and Contests! Come prepared for bingo, scrabble words and much more on Saturday night!!!! The grand prize for Bingo is 1/2 off your next Retreat!
• Chocolate, Candy & oh did I mention Chocolate?!! Unlimited chocolate and candy all weekend.
All of this can be yours for $150! I do need a down payment of $50 by Feb. 1, 2009 (so due as soon as you can!) with the final payment due March 13, 2010!
Please feel free to pass this along to your friends as I have 6 spots left!
Also, scroll back up to the very top and look to the right. See the Email Subscription button. Please sign up for email subscription and get signed up for the scrapbook retreat! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me!

Happy Scrappy,

Excuse the mess

Hi guys!  Please excuse my blog as I attempt to make it pretty!  I swear I design Typepad blogs and Blogger blogs and nothing is as hard as this stupid WordPress!  The CSS is much more confusing than Typepad’s basic that I build from.  And if I didn’t love my little catagories at the top so much I would just switch to Blogger (can’t afford Typepad!).  UGH!  Just frustrated and so tired of searching the internet.  But oh well.  We will preserver!  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have the last few bugs figured out!

Happy Scrappy,